About & Education

Welcome to EARTH ANGEL VEGAN… a new era of vegan.  I care about the animals and the earth but most of all I care about myself.  My top priority is taking care of me.  You know how when you are on a plane and they tell you to secure your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else??? Well, they tell you that for a reason, not to be selfish but if something happens to you, you won’t be able to help anyone else.  Your own health has to be your top priority! Because of my new found vegan-ism and better health I started this blog.  On this blog you will find free recipes, tips, restaurant reviews, vegan events and health information.

I am a registered nurse and health advocate.  I received my BSN from PENN STATE UNIVERSITY.  I am also a graduate of the eCornell Plant Based Nutrition Certificate Program.  I am an educated female and I care about my health, my family, the earth and all it’s creatures and I care about you!

When it comes to the earth, I want this planet to be a healthy life force for my children and my children’s children.  We need to take care of our environment and I have learned that raising and killing billions of animals for food is taking its toll on our planet… our home.

When it comes to our health, I want my children and my children’s children to know optimal health and not illness.  Eating animals directly causes most of our life threatening diseases.

When it comes to animals… they are here with us not for us.  Compassion is something we all need more of.  There is no compassion in slaughter.  Eating meat and dairy is a learned behavior.  There are not too many of us that would be meat eaters if we had to do the killing.  John Lennon said “If slaughter houses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”.  You can eat whatever you want but at least take the time to know where your food comes from.  Do some research… If you your self could not cut off a chicken’s head but you could down a plate of wings without batting an eye… something is wrong.  Know where your food comes from and learn about the environment. Don’t do something just because it is what has always been done.  Look into the eyes of an animal, feel their heartbeat, watch their behaviors and ask yourself… do they need to die so I can eat meat?  My answer is NO… I have educated myself and I will never eat another animal because I have no reason to do so.

If you are reading this you probably have some of the same feelings, so…

I implore you to your own research and see if you too will become an EARTH ANGEL VEGAN