Another road trip- Nashville was Super Vegan Friendly

Earth Angel Vegan’s trip to Nashville was a great experience.  This trip was special because the whole family got to go and we celebrated a sweet girl’s birthday!  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them and be sure to visit these awesome establishments!

AVO – Locally sourced raw and cooked vegan meals plus craft cocktails!  Avo was amazing… a must try!


We had a pool day and ordered take out from Sitar Indian Restaurant!  They were vegan friendly and delicious.  I seriously recommend this place for an awesome meal.  We ate ours poolside so excuse the quality of the pictures… we were being scavengers!

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden was probably my favorite… they were super accommodating and the food was so good.  I could eat there every day!


We scootered to The Gulch… we only had drinks there as the restaurants we wanted to visit didn’t open for lunch but it was a really cool place… a must see.

Downtown Broadway was awesome… we grabbed some vegan eats at the Mellow Mushroom!

Another pool side lunch for my handsome hubby from Jason’s Deli… so vegan friendly and so many choices!


The whole reason for the family trip was Beth’s dirty “30” and we ordered a cake from a vegan home bakery… So Baked Bakery.  Look them up… the cake was amazing.




Pea and Mushroom Curry

Earth Angel Vegan’s Pea and Mushroom Curry was inspired from a recent road trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  Our hotel was a block away from an authentic Indian restaurant and the aroma wafting in the air was too much for me to handle.  The pea and mushroom curry caught my attention as I love peas and mushrooms!  I rushed home to re-create it and believe I did a pretty good job.

RECIPE: Serves 4-6

Make a batch of your favorite rice (I used Jasmine).  This could be served over rice or rice noodles in my opinion.

Pea and Mushroom Curry

4 cups rough cut white or brown mushrooms

2 cups frozen green peas

1 cup plant milk

1/3 cup red curry paste

3 tablespoons or corn or potato starch

1 cup vegetable broth or water to thin/thicken and saute as needed

1 tablespoon of you favorite onion blend seasoning or just 1/2 tsp onion powder and 1/2 garlic powder  (wildtree just ceased operations… so sad)

Garnish with chopped parsley

In a large skillet start cooking the mushrooms… I start them in a dry pan and add water or veg broth as needed to keep from sticking.  While the mushrooms soften and start to brown (takes 5-10 minutes)… mix seasoning, milk and curry paste in a shaker bottle or whisk it up.  When the mushrooms are soft add this milk mixture and bring to a simmer.  Taste for spices… add more curry paste, salt or garlic and onion powder to get the taste you like. Once the mixture is simmering add 3 tablespoons of corn starch to 3/4 cup water or veggie broth and make a slurry.  Pour your slurry into the mushrooms and stir continuously until thickened.  Toss the peas in (they will thaw immediately and stay green).  Add more veggie broth if you think it is too thick.

Serve over rice or noodles.




The one on the Left is mine… The one on the Right is from Sitar Indian Restaurant!

Both were delicious… I did leave out the coconut milk and replaced it with plant milk to cut the fat but you could use coconut milk to keep it authentic! Let me know if you give it a try.  If you are in Nashville… you must eat at Sitar!