Vegan Eats Road Trips

So far this summer vegan eats road trips have taken us to Richmond VA and State College PA.  We visited Richmond for our cousin Loren’s college graduation and then we traveled through State College for my niece Zoe’s high school graduation.  Me and my girls love hitting new towns and finding new vegan eats!  Thanks for reading this blog post…I hope you enjoy the ride!

In Richmond we went to the Pho Thien Phat Vietnamese Noodle House and had the best vegan Pho.  My daughter Molly got the grilled tofu…both dishes were delicious.


We also hit up a cute little joint named Crossroads where we had breakfast.  Bagels with vegan toppings and awesome coffees and teas… can’t make a wrong turn here! img_4955



In State College we found a gem called the Green Bowl.  What a great idea… an all you can eat stir fry restaurant.  Well… for the record we could only eat one bowl.  They give you a green bowl and you fill it with your favorite stuff off of what looks like a salad bar.  Then they stir fry it up for you using oil or water!  Thats right… oil free options.  You pick your sauce and protein too… it was teriyaki and tofu for us!  I might just drive 3 hours to eat there again… and again… and again… yes it was that good!


We were stuffed but we did some walking around State College and found  room for vegan rolled ice cream…imagine that!   Coconut milk based ice cream for the win!  This place called Momotaro was pretty cool and pretty tasty!


Thanks for coming along on our vegan road trip!   If you are in Richmond Va or State College Pa, check these places out!


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