Be Kind To Every Living Being

My vegan journey began for health reasons. I was overweight and had several annoying ailments and was on several medications. I went whole food plant based no oil on July 21, 2016. Since then I have reached a normal healthy weight, eliminated my health issues and take zero medications. Life has actually started over for me. In this new Whole Foods plant based lifestyle of mine I found myself “accidentally vegan”.

After a year of plant based eating I was thriving. I also started to research everything I could about plant based life and as you could probably imagine I was crossing paths with a lot of vegan information. With my new found health and knowledge… something inside of me just clicked… a light bulb moment if you will. I realized that I do not ever have to kill or contribute to the killing of any living loving being to survive.

I am vegan!

The title of this blog post is “be kind to every living being”. That is one of the Reiki principles. I am now a certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki and vegan-ism fit together just like puzzle pieces. So now my life is all plants, Reiki, Yoga, essential oils and peace. Peace with the universe and hopefully all good karma!

The puzzle of my life feels like all of the pieces are laid out and falling into place perfectly so I must be doing something right.

I was recently gifted a Nikon camera from my amazing sister and I have begun to take pictures of what makes my heart smile and I am learning new camera skills!

Here are some of my favorites from around my house… Be kind to every living thing…hope you enjoy looking!