Here’s to 2018… An Earth Angel Vegan Year In Pictures

Happy New Year Everyone… I am truly grateful to all of you who follow this free recipe blog.  A whole food plant based fat free vegan diet has changed my life and I am hoping to help change yours as well.  Life sure has been interesting since going vegan.  I have had so many new experiences.  I love to travel and eating my way can be a challenge.  I am grateful to all the wait staff that has had to put up with all my questions at restaurants… most of them were more than helpful.  I have put together this little year in pictures, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

January 2018… My Birthday is January 1st and we found this little gem close to home.  They have vegan wood fired pizza.  We are actually going back there today to celebrate “55”.  Thanks to Hot Shots in Masury OH for helping kick of the new year and my birthday al la vegan!




Then my daughter Lindsay and I were invited to a women’s retreat at the Buhl Mansion and I was asked to provide the food.  We had a lovely night at the mansion with amazing ladies and whole food plant based no oil cuisine!  It was awesome and everyone loved the food.







In February we were invited to a new local restaurant Mobogo in Hermitage PA to try their vegan pho… It was delicious.  Good food and good friends… a win win!




March took us back to Cleveland to the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Auto Immune Disease for Women.  This yearly event is always educational and motivating.  The Esselstyn’s promote the whole food plant based vegan no oil lifestyle for the prevention of disease!  Dr. Esselstyn is a pioneer in the field.  We get so excited to see him… to us he is a celebrity!




In April me and my husband of 31 years had to escape the bitter cold, snow and gray days of PA and we headed to Jensen Beach Florida.  Needed me some vitamin D.



May was another trip to Florida… I am sensing a trend… are you?  My sweet Aunt Bonnie turned 90 and we had to make the trip.  We also found Lotus Vegan Restaurant in Pinellas Florida… we were in vegan heaven.



June…ah finally summer… Earth Angel Vegan took a trip to the ballpark.  Pittsburgh Pirates and PNC Park hosted another vegan night.  YUM


We also had a vegan dinner at Toss’d.  A new restaurant in Hermitage Pa specializing in pizza and salad.  They hosted a wonderful event for us.  We had no oil vegan pizza and a little fundraiser for a local pitty bull stuck in shelter.

Summer was going fast…and August was here before we knew it… We had an awesome girls weekend in Cleveland Oh and finally got to go to Cleveland Vegan…  Had to put a notch in the belt loop after that trip!


I got to meet some amazing people in 2018… for instance Lori Sands owner operator of Going With The Grain Bakery.  She makes killer breads with whole grains and no oil!  Hats off to her, bread making is hard work and her breads are the best.

I made another trip to Clearwater Florida in November and we are excited to share some new vegan finds….


My story was published in a local magazine… Valley Voices in 2018.  Proud moment for Earth Angel Veganimg_3287-1

Back around to Thanksgiving, Christmas… and New Year

Here is a toast to 2019… May you all be blessed with health and plants!

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