Earth Angel Vegan’s Health Notes… Women’s Health

I never stop learning.  I spend much of my time doing research on topics that relate optimal health through proper diet and when I come across valuable information …I feel the need to share… WHY? … because I care about you.  I don’t think information that leads to optimal health should ever be kept a secret!

Today I want to share something with you about MENOPAUSE!

Did you know that by the year 2020 there will be 967 MILLION women over age 50!  That is an astounding number.  I… being over 50 myself and recently (2 years ago) changed my diet to 100% plant based, vegan, no oil,  felt the need to know more about this phase of my life.  With people living longer most women will spend the majority of their lives in menopause and I think we need to be as knowledgeable about it as possible.

Menopause… is exactly what the term implies.  Meno (menstruation) Pause (stop).  It is the phase of our lives when our menstruation stops and we are no longer able to bear children.

You probably knew that… but did you know….

A whole lot of symptoms come with this title.  If you are going through it or have gone through it you probably know that also.  But did you know that what also comes with this title is an increased risk for certain diseases… heart disease, osteoporosis, female cancers, Alzheimer’s? … to name a few.  

Sounds like bad news!  But the good news is you can manage most of these with what is on the end of your fork!  If you are already vegan… you are more than half way there.


It is a you-tube series and book by Barbara Taylor MD

Menopause: Your Management Your Way… Now and for the REST of your life.  

Her you tube series is called MENOPAUSE BARBIE 

I suggest you watch all of them starting with number 1.  The information is for women of all ages because you are either in menopause or will be entering it at some point.  The medical information as well as the lifestyle information is so important for you to know at any stage of your life.

I even recommend it for men!  Why? …because they most likely have a menopausal woman in their life.


If you don’t want to watch it all… or just want a sneak peak… I was most impressed with MENOPAUSE BARBIE episode 14 where she imparts some dietary wisdom.

I hope you check it out!

Enjoy 🙂

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