Being “Earth Angel” Vegan in Clearwater, Florida was easy at Lotus Vegan Restaurant

Hey everyone… whether you live near Clearwater Florida or are just visiting like me… you have to check out Lotus Vegan Restaurant!


We just put the address in the GPS and easily found this little gem!  The menu was huge… so much to try in so little time.  3 of us went and we decided to share some appetizers and get 3 different entrees’.  You all know how nice it is to be able to order anything off of a menu and not have to worry one bit about any animal products in the ingredients.

They do use oil but I chose items that are naturally no or low fat.

We started off with the spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce and the veggie sushi… YUM!  The dipping sauce for the sushi was a vegan ranch dressing with a pepper sauce… sounds weird but ooooohhhh my!  Delicious.

We got the garden wrap with sweet potato soup and it tasted like a big mac.  I asked what the sauce was and it was an eggplant based dressing.  So simple and really so good.  I think it was my favorite. img_2225

We also go the vegan pho noodle soup.  The broth was so flavorful and the veggies and tofu made it super filling.  I could eat this pho everyday! img_2223

This mandarin orange fried tofu was seriously so good you would never know you had a vegan dish.  All of the oriental flavors you love are in this dish.   My sister got a mushroom noodle dish that somehow we didn’t get a picture of.  Too busy stuffing our faces I suppose!

We also woofed down a graham cracker chocolate pudding parfait and a piece of raw chocolate cheesecake….CAN YOU SAY FOOD COMA???

The staff was so kind and helpful.  And I am not joking… there had to be 100 items on this menu!

GET YOUR VEGAN BOOTIES OVER TO LOTUS VEGAN RESTAURANT!  If you are visiting the Tampa/ Clearwater area this place is a must…


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