Easy Frosting

EARTH ANGEL VEGAN’S EASY FROSTING is creamy and light!  Simple to make with simple ingredients.  You will need a food processor or blender for this recipe.  I like a food processor better because you can scrape down the sides for a smoother frosting.  The one pictured I made for St. Patty’s day.  It is mint flavored… delicious on chocolate cake!


1 block of organic silken tofu

6 tablespoons of powdered sugar

flavored extract of your choice (vanilla, lemon, mint, almond, orange, maple, coconut, etc.)

food grade color of your choice (optional)

In a food processor add your tofu and sugar and run until smooth, stopping to wipe sides and get it all creamy and incorporated.  Now is the time for the flavor extract of your choice.  Start with 1/4 -1/2 teaspoon and then taste.  Some extracts are stronger than others…like anise.  Add color if you wish…

If you want chocolate…skip the sugar and color.  Melt 2/3 cup vegan chocolate chips and add it to the tofu and blend.  1 teaspoon of vanilla, coffee, almond, or orange are nice extracts for blending with chocolate!


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