Welcome 2018… Farewell 2017… An Earth Angel Vegan Year In Pictures!

2017 Was a busy year for Earth Angel Vegan.  My 3 daughters and I were very busy vegans!  It started with the marriage of my middle daughter on January 7th.  If you are 100% plant based no oil you know how difficult events like weddings can be.  It was a beautiful day and it all worked out well.  A lot of pre-planning helps to keep you on track.


In March I got to attend the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Conference for Women at the Cleveland Clinic.  I also got to meet my role model… Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn.  Dr E is an amazing man and testament to whole food plant based diet health.









We enjoyed a great plant based lunch and learned so much!  This years conference is March 10, 2018 and we already have our tickets!


We kicked off the summer with a trip to Richmond Virginia.  Vegan is not a foreign word there like it is in my small town in Western PA.  We so excited to have options everywhere we visited!






We got to visit so many restaurants that were vegan friendly and had a great time visiting with family!






Visiting a city that embraces our way of life gave me some hope for the future!

I spent a day with each daughter and tried to find some local gems that would accommodate our vegan lifestyle and learned that we had more options than I thought.  Most places are happy to cater to vegans… all you have to do is ask!





We hit local places and took a weekend trip to Geneva on the lake and visited some wonderful wineries.






Earth Angel Vegan also hosted some vegan dinners and trips!  PNC park hosted vegans to a ballgame and set up an awesome buffet for us.  We had a lovely vegan dinner party at Aqua Pazzo and Avalon at Buhl.






We met some awesome friends and welcomed so many to our group!





We teamed up with some new vegan friends with Mahoning County Vegan and had a beautiful yoga and vegan potluck Sunday.  We also joined them for a fancy holiday gathering at the Springfield Grille in Boardman OH.








We had a delicious family and friends Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner at my home.  It was heartwarming to see everyone enjoying a plant based holiday meal together.


As I look back on my year in pictures I see so many wonderful things.  There were bad and good to the year but during this reflection I will make new resolutions.  We all need to learn from our mistakes and build on our successes.  Take some time to look back on your year and make some goals for 2018.  Be kind to every living being and take care of yourself.  Make your health your number one priority.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Take a stand for something you believe in.

It was an amazing, eventful year for EARTH ANGEL VEGAN and I want to thank all who participated.  In 2018 I hope to continue learning and teaching about the plant based vegan lifestyle.  I am seeing change happening all around me.  Times are changing my fellow vegans and it is an exciting time.


I want to wish you all a happy and healthy 2018.

Happy New Year my friends!

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