Earth Angel Vegan… a new era of Vegan! A plant based era!

What is the difference between plant based and vegan.  I happen to be both and I will explain why.

Vegan can be a noun… an identity… one could say I am a Vegan!   Veganism is a complete avoidance of all animal products for the sake of and protection of animal lives whereas pant-based is a lifestyle, more of an adjective.  Plant based whole food  is also an avoidance of all animal products with the inclusion of avoidance of processed foods and oils for the sake of and protection of human life.   Someone on a whole food plant based diet is by default a Vegan.    I am a Vegan… because I am plant based.  Vegans technically can live on junk food like Oreos and chips and soda pop and be true to their identity whereas people on a whole food plant based diet cannot.

Once you commit to a whole food plant based diet for the sake of your own health and well being you quickly learn that you cannot only survive without animal products but you begin thrive without animal products.  Why does this happen?  You see, there is a diet designed by nature for every species and the diet designed for your human body consists of only plants.  Plants such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and nuts and seeds.  When you eat the diet your body was designed for miraculous things begin to happen.  Your body can now let itself heal and without further re-injury by food,  be the amazing machine it was designed to be.

Once you begin to thrive on a plant based diet you begin to realize that you are the keeper of the kingdom and no animal needs to suffer or die simply to feed your addiction to foods high in fat, sugar and salt.  Fat, sugar, and salt are the culprits of food addictions.  No one ever craves a raw piece of pork or a plain boiled chicken breast.   They crave meats fried in oil and covered in cheese, sauces,  or seasonings.  They crave fat, sugar, and salt.  Once you cleanse your palate of these kinds of foods… the foods your body was meant to have really start to taste good and you quickly realize that no animal needs to suffer or die for you to thrive.

Humans are currently raising billions of animals just for consumption.  I RESTATE BILLIONS.  This practice is causing monumental harm to animals, our health, and our planet.  People go to the grocery store to buy meat and dairy all nicely packaged and heavily promoted without a second thought to how it got there.  People mindlessly purchase and gorge on products that come from causing an animal to suffer or die or both.

Earth Angel Vegan is here to make a new mark.  It is a new era of vegan that will not only protect the animals but will protect human life and health all while protecting the planet we live on.   I challenge you to a whole food plant based diet for 10 days.  10 days of eating only whole plant foods.  There are many recipes on this blog that are delicious and satisfying.  I truly believe you will feel better and want to continue.  You will have some internal motivation when you weight is dropping and your ailments are packing up and moving out.  Do it for yourself, the animals, and the planet… Remember…We are the keepers of the kingdom and it is our responsibility to protect this earth and all its inhabitants.

I challenge  you to be an EARTH ANGEL VEGAN