Sauerkraut Stuffed Peppers

EARTH ANGEL VEGAN’S SAUERKRAUT STUFFED PEPPERS were created by accident and ended up being awesome.  We were canning and a friend shared a recipe that called for pickled sauerkraut stuffed peppers.  We didn’t have enough jars and so we put the extras in a pan and covered them with sauce and baked them… the result was delicious!  I served mine over mashed potatoes.  You gotta try this!




1 bag of sauerkraut rinsed and drained (save left over for another recipe)

Sweet or hot peppers… your choice (tops cut off and seeds removed)

1 tablespoon Wildtree Garlic Galore (you can use a teaspoon of garlic powder instead)

1 or 2 jars of your favorite oil free sauce (depends on how many peppers you make)

After preparing the peppers and sauerkraut toss the kraut with the garlic galore and 1/2 to 1 cup of the sauce.  Stuff the peppers with the kraut (really stuff them good)  Place in a baking dish and cover with sauce.  Cover the baking dish with foil and bake at 350 for 45-50 minutes (or until the peppers are soft)  Make sure you put enough sauce on so they do not burn.  I could have used more sauce.  Depends on how many peppers you stuff.  I served mine over mashed potatoes.



You can buy Wildtree Garlic Galore from me at

It is an all natural garlic seasoning that will knock your socks off.  I use it in anything that loves garlic like I do.  It is organic and preservative free.


Thanks for your support.

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