Eating Out! (tips!)

Eating out can be tricky but if you know where to go and how to order you can have a wonderful time out!  First off remember… It’s really not about the food.  It is about the atmosphere and the company.  So if you follow these tips you can have fun and even get a bite to eat… sometimes even a whole meal!

#1 – I never go out to eat hungry.  I always have a good plant based snack before I leave the house.  That way if there isn’t much more than a salad… and most places have salads then I am still satisfied!

#2 – Scope out the place before you go… a lot of places have a website or a Facebook page.  Look at the menu and see what can be veganized!  I often call ahead and tell them what I eat and when I will be there.  If I say no oil… I do say… my vegetables can be sauteed in veg broth or soy sauce!  If you give them a replacement… sometimes they can do it.  Steak houses are great places to eat for a vegan!  Thats right… steak houses always have baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes, steamed veggies and salads!  Italian places are the worst… they use tons of oil and their food like sauce is cooked all day.  Made to order places like Asian are even better!

#3 Be very specific when ordering… lighten to mood and tell the waitress you know you are a pain in the dupa but you have food sensitivities or allergies and need specific ingredients left out of your meal.  Ask to talk to who is cooking your food if the wait staff is unsure.  Calling ahead usually helps this situation too.

#4  Carry a big purse… lol.  I take my own salad dressings everywhere and sometimes even other sauces.  I carry compliant pretzels and little snacks I know I can have!

#5 Need fast food… Subway veggie sub on 9 grain wheat with mustard never disappoints and Wendy’s baked potato with broccoli (hold the cheese) is great with a packet of barbecue sauce!

Now get out there and have a nice snack or meal and a adult beverage or two with some friends!

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