Girls Night Geneva Ohio

Earth Angel Vegan’s girls night in Geneva Ohio was very nice.  We stayed at the Geneva Lodge and took a shuttle tour to 4 wineries where we spent about an hour at each place!  Laurello Winery was our favorite.  They had delicious wine with a great atmosphere and outdoor space!  A great band was playing and people were dancing and having so much fun.  We sat in the lawn and the temperature had cooled off to a balmy 78 degrees… I would say it was the perfect place…surrounded by a vineyard and good friends!

Most places had food that could be altered to vegan but oil free was a stretch.  We did have a lovely bread platter with a balsamic and herb dipping sauce that was delicious.  We were not given the ingredients for the bread.  Our favorite wine was Laurello Naso Bianco.  It was sweet but not too sweet and very crisp and refreshing!  We finished out night at the Lodge restaurant Horizons and we had a no cheese veggie pizza made to order.  There was a light coating of oil on the veggies which is sometimes unavoidable when traveling.  IMG_9708

Geneva was fun but definitely needs a veg friendly makeover!

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