More Vegan Friendly in Richmond!

Sugar and Twine was the cutest coffee shop in Richmond VA.  I had a almond milk hot chocolate.  It was a cool rainy day and we were walking Carytown and browsing the neatest shops.  Carytown is an urban retail district at the southern end of the Museum District.  It has over 230 shops.  Sugar and Twine was a perfect little spot for a after lunch coffee.  We had lunch at The Daily where I had a barbecue tofu sandwich and chickpea salad… oh yeah and a delightful mimosa!  Molly had a tofu stir fry and a delicious spicy Bloody Mary and Loren had a huge salad with a salt and pepper tofu.. Jody had the best vegan burger I ever tasted!  The steamed dumplings with tofu and pickled carrots was to die for!  Coming from a place where vegan options are virtually nonexistent…experiencing Richmond gave me hope!  It was an awesome foodie/shopping day for us!

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