Girls Weekend in Vegan friendly Richmond Virginia! 

Our first dinner stop was at Pelons … a cool taco/burrito joint. They had a vegan substitute for almost everything on the menu. We could not control the oil here but I picked the most likely oil free entree …I got the unemployed surfer. Lol. It was a bean and rice burrito on a whole wheat tortilla!  It was delicious!  The guacamole was to die for.  Most days there is a 15 percent up charge for vegan substitution but on Saturday it is a 25 percent discount! Winner winner burrito dinner!  Their meat substitutes are wheat (seitan) or soy based. Not something I would eat everyday on my whole food diet but certainly amazing for a treat!  Pictured are the fish tacos that Loren got!  I took a bite for curiosity sake as the soy was deep fried …. it was delicious!  It is amazing to me to see how some cities are so vegan friendly!  When you are traveling seek out something vegan and eat compassionately you might be surprised how delicious it might be! 

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